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This Gallery is your resource of just a fraction of what could be developed for you with any occasion or occupation you have in mind!

HSM-73 Chief Stamp

HSM-73 wanted something special, and we did it in multiple options for them, to make something truly unique. This coin is doubled as a stamp that can be used for wax sealing an envelope or letter. Seriously, one of our favorites to date!


What could represent the Christmas CPO Season better than the Grinch! This design was way too much fun to put together and bring to life. One heck of a carry, at 2.5 inches, the detail is ridiculous and we appreciate everything the AIMD CPO's there gave us a chance to make for their season coin.

CPO Kool-Aid Man

Not often do we tip our hats to a truly special design but we took ours off completely working on this one. And yes, before you ask, it's going to come in all types of flavors. If you have an idea, we have a means of bringing it to life!