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Chief Petty Officer Belt Buckle, (CPO) Unity-Service-Navigation

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This is where the "rubber meets the Road" for us at Patriot Design Solutions, the Chief Petty Officer, CPO Unity-Service-Navigation Belt Buckle.

Since 1893 the founding Chiefs have led the way to what the Navy CPO has instilled in them today. Leading from the Deckplates and from the front, no one can deny the power a Chief brings to a room of Junior Sailors. Tried, Tested and Selected, these men and women are brought into the world's most almighty of fraternity's.

We could go on forever about the CPO's and this Buckle, but neither will ever declare superiority in word, only demand it with action. We praise all of you on our fighting US Navy Ships and our Squadrons, and all over the world doing your absolute utmost to continue to enforce the standards.

Navy Chief - Navy Pride