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Enlisted Surface Warfare Specialist, (ESWS) Belt Buckle

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Enlisted Surface Warfighters, this is the Belt Buckle you've been waiting for. The design is exact and the detail is superb. You got your books, completed your walk-arounds and studied until you couldn't remember the difference between a square knot and and a bowline but you finally walked away from the murder board with your head held high! 

What better way to show your new Metal off but with this Outstanding Belt Buckle. Even if you're a double -banger and are rocking your EAWS, EIWS or whatever new combination of letters they've made into a specialist, you can do it with pride with this Belt Buckle. 

You'll never forget where and when you were pinned and now you can immortalize your achievement the way you deserve. Don't settle for 2nd best, We Own The Seas and the best is what you should always strive for!