Patriot Design Solutions

Creating a Custom Coin

Written by Charles Mund


Posted on April 26 2021

What's the Deal?

The deal is we've made a staple for the design and manufacturing of the best custom coins and that's where we'll continue to strive for perfection. We've gotten all types of requests, for every rhyme and reason, and Patriot Design Solutions has met the mark every time. 

First step: Imagine. Get your idea put together as well as you possibly can. We've had people draw on a napkin and sent it to us in the past and we were able to make it happen for them. Some of the best ways we've seen are people that can explain exactly what they want in a written paragraph or pulled some pictures from the internet. Anything and everything helps.

Second step: Start thinking about the size of your coin and how many you would like to purchase. By doing this, you've saved yourself a lot of back and forth getting you different quotes. We will always work with you to find the best solution to your design ideas but it will save a lot of time if you start to get those questions answered first. The reason is these two factors play heavily into the cost of your coins and we want you to understand that they can play to your favor if we know from the beginning what we are working with,

Third step: Send us the info! Click on the Custom Solutions tab at the top of this page and send us your idea. Our team is going to begin right away at making your coin awesome and contact you if we need more information!

Fourth step: This is where it gets personal. We will be getting your design sent to you as quick as we can, our time for completion usually takes 2 - 7 days (depending on the amount of orders), but we will work diligently to be sure we keep it real with you about your timeline. Some companies may be able to do this part quicker, and we don't pretend to not know that, we just design better and use our US Naval experiences to relate to your  needs better then they ever could. Now, you get to look your design over with everyone involved. Please, tell us your thoughts and dislikes at this point. We need the truth so we can fix your design how you see fit.

DISCLAIMER - Don't ever let anyone tell you that the colors on your coin cost you extra, or they will save you $ by not charging you for it, cause the truth is NO ONE DOES. Also, don't fall for the old "Your Mold fee is Free" trick. We've seen this a lot with some of the competition. All they do is roll that amount into your shipping or "Design" fees.

Fifth step: Approval! This is when you're happy with what you see and we finalize the number of coins and size. This allows us to complete your quote and load the cost of your product on the website for final payment.

Sixth step: We're off to the Races! After payment is received we'll begin the CNC approval. That's where your coin is rendered into a 3D concept and we get to look at exactly what were working with. We can help walk you through this as well. We can explain and answer any questions you have to make sure your raised metal and 3D concept is perfect.

Seventh step: We make a choice at this point and depending on your coin it may be a necessity to get a sample made ahead of time. This isn't a requirement, and can delay the production of your coin by a week or more, but truly a necessity if your design needs an approval. Let us know if you would like one done but we always give our customers the option,

Eighth step: Final completion! By this point, we've become pretty good friends and gotten you every piece of info and through every step seamlessly. Now, we get to send off your completed coins directly to your shipping address you had given us at the beginning at purchase.

Last step: Enjoy your personalized coins!

This a lengthy process, a process we have done thousands of times, and we love to make this as easy as we can for our customers. This is your design, your coin for your occasion and we never forget that. We will be by you every step of the way from start to finish! Let's start today and make something truly memorable together!