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What are "Unicorn" Coins?

Written by Charles Mund


Posted on May 16 2021

Some coins are rare and some are "Unicorns". The Unicorn Coins aren't just hard to come across, it's as the name would state, they're of the rarest or most difficult to find and probably a one-time run. You usually have some distinctions that the coin you are dealing with is truly a "Unicorn" coin and we're going to show you how to see if it is.

If you look at the Planetary Gear Coin at the beginning of this blog you will see a couple of dead giveaways that should show you it's a Unicorn. This, of course a change to our original CPO Planetary Gear Coin, we're going to go over some of the differences and why you need to get your hands on one:

First: An Original Design. This is the heart and soul of a Unicorn. It may not be a unicorn just because of the design alone but that's where it makes it's start on the road to becoming a true Unicorn. There are coins out there that though, just by the design and the type, have become Unicorns because of the design and the popularity behind them. Never knock it until it's in your hand and you can see it for yourself. The design also takes into account the creation and the detail of the coin. Some of our coins are more detailed then any picture can grasp. 

Second: The Plating. Sometimes what happens is a great coin is created, not all coins are created equal mind you, and it has better then average sales. When this happens we tell our customers to try at multi-plating. This gives our customers the ability to sell the same fantastic coin design over and over and create a set for themselves and their patrons. This is more then just good business practice, as most of us are collectors, we love completing the "set" and this drives sales but also brings joy to the customers as well.

Third: Serialized Coins. This is always a good idea when trying to put together a truly exclusive coin. You can always have this accomplished, usually with no additional cost, and again gives it some exclusivity to your design. Some seek out certain serialized numbers (we see this with CPO's and their want to have a coin in their year group of initiation) or a number of a persons high school football number and so on. All of these may drive a coin to become truly unique for a person and sometimes make a coin a personal Unicorn within their own collection.

Fourth: Total Quantity Produced. Some coins we design are very limited in quantity, less then a hundred manufactured in some cases. The total number of produced coins can drive a coin to be a Unicorn as well, simply because you can't find it anywhere. 

Fifth: Who the Coin was made for. This is sometimes very true because not every command, Association or Mess go about making a new design every year and that can create a demand for a coin. You see this a lot with DEVGRU and SEAL coins, there's a huge request for them, but not always are these coins made available to the masses.

All of these reasons can be what makes a coin to become the rarest of the rare, a Unicorn. We at Patriot Design Solutions want everyone to be able to get their hands on a true Unicorn, so over the next few months (maybe even longer?) we will be having "Unicorn Sales" for our most loyal of customers. These coins will be a 1 and done run for each style of coin because we want everyone to know what it feels like to have their own Unicorn coin!

Stay tuned because we will put out the information on our Facebook page of you can get your hands on the next Unicorn Coin