Patriot Design Solutions

Custom Belt Buckles

Written by Charles Mund


Posted on June 18 2021

Creating your own custom belt buckle!

Just as we have steps for creating a custom coin, at Patriot Design Solutions we seek to create custom belt buckles in a similar fashion. Although it's one sided, vice two on a coin, or more, it’s still something you should pay attention to and deserves just as much detail and time to make sure that you're truly satisfied with the product. One thing to note that is special about our belt buckles is if you look at the backside of any belt buckle that we've made at Patriot Design Solutions you'll see that there are four rivets where you interlock the fabric belt into the belt buckle. This is because we want to do and go above and beyond your expectations. Most belt buckles are created with no rivets and the back portion glued together to the front. What we've seen over our time is that this can create a lot of issues. But we stopped that from ever happening again by making sure our manufacturers only rivet belt buckles with our products.

Your belt buckle design will begin with sending a message through email to one of our designers via the Custom Solutions tab at the top of your screen. Here you will be able to put together an idea to start you on your path of creating a custom belt buckle.

When creating your design it's best to give as much information to the designer as you possibly can. The design will only be as good as the detail you give your designer. Try to piece as much together with your first contact custom solution email so that the designer can begin to piece together your perfect design.

An important thing to note about belt buckle designs is there the cost for every buckle will be $15 plus a $250 mold fee to get the product off the floor. We do give people the ability to purchase 100 or more buckles and remove the mold fee in its entirety and cover the cost of shipping as well. This gives our customers the ability to make a good decision from the beginning and possibly help with pre-orders on their side.

Like with any design a good quality assurance inspection from your part is going to be important after you receive your first design back from one of our talented designers. Make sure to look over the entire belt buckle and how you imagine the 3D portion to look and discuss that with your designer. everything during this process is important for you to receive exactly what you're looking for. But, from our experiences, we can only provide you with exactly what you asked for. If you request a design but have no idea how to move forward because you lack the artistic capabilities, that's not a problem at all. We just request that your ideas are worded in a way where we can understand and that you reply promptly to any email or message that is sent to you with questions about how you would like to move forward with your design.

After you've approved the final design and you are good to move forward then we move to the CNC portion of the manufacturing process. This is where you will be able to see exactly the layout of how your belt buckle will look after it is manufactured. Please note that if you have any questions during this time to speak again to your designer and ask the questions so we can eliminate any possible issues of redesign or potential manufacturing errors in the long run.

when the CNC portion is complete we move to sample or to the manufacturing of all the belt buckles you would like to make. It's important to understand that if you have a belt buckle that is going to have more than 100 in the total amount created it may benefit to do a sample. This gives you the ability to look over a completed product before all of the belt buckles are made and potential costs rise. Sampling is not a requirement. Especially if you are hung up on time for completing the product.

This process can take anywhere from one month and a half to three months depending on the amount of back and forth you have with your designer during the design process and approval. We will be with you every step of the way and answer any questions that you could possibly have. Please never hesitate to contact either your designer or us at the support team to make sure that you're receiving everything you need to be successful and have the belt buckle you only dreamed of.

Belt buckles are an awesome way to showcase pride in your rate, rank, MOS, squadron or ship, and can truly be something of value that lasts a lifetime. Contact us today and let's get started on creating the belt buckle that you've always wanted.