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Who cares about rivets anyway?

Written by Charles Mund


Posted on March 31 2021

See, this can be a common misunderstanding and a driving purpose that we have at PDS. 

The minimum is just way below the standard for us and we won't have it. It's not just a fact that we take pride in everything we design, but the quality of the actual product is also a main satisfaction piece on our part. 

Something as simple as the rivets on the back of a buckle, vice the glued backing so many are used to seeing from some designed belt buckles, is just a small token of our understanding in prodcut consumer satisfaction. If you don't hold everyone to the standard of excelence then being medicore becomes the norm.

We will never be that at PDS. We look to create timeless pieces that you will only grow to love more and appreciate for years to come.